Platform: MTG ARENA
Format: Standard
Date: 29-May-2020; 05-Jun-2020; 12-Jun-2020
Check-in Time: 6:00PM, GMT+8
Start Time: 7:00PM, GMT+8
Registration: Open, FREE, Capped to 32 Players
Pairing, # Rounds: Swiss, 5 Rounds Only(55minutes per round, 5min connection, 50min match)
Decklist Required: YES; Open Deck List
    1st - IKO Pre Release Code
    2nd - IKO Pre Release Code
    3rd - IKO Pre Release Code
*Prizes may be upgraded by the FTHS


Rules and Notes:

TO ENROLL: https://mtgmelee.com/Tournament/View/1433

  • This tournament is open for Filipino Citizens or Players residing in the Philippines. Your location is detected automatically through your IP address when you sign up or play through mtgmelee.com. If you believe that you are incorrectly being denied entry, please contact us at info@finalturn.com and we will try to help you. Participants must be able to provide proof of citizenship upon request by the organizer. This is something we will be doing for all who win prizes and may be doing for other participants if we suspect unfair play. Failure in providing your required credentials may result in your disqualification from the event. You will also be banned from any future Final Turn Hobby Shop tournaments.
  • Pairing will be done at MTGMelee. All participants are required to make an account at https://mtgmelee.com/. Search for Final Turn Hobby Shop under “Organizers” to see our upcoming tournaments. Click on the tournament that you want to join and enroll before the deadline. Please follow our organization as well for future tournaments.
  • All participants are required to join Final Turn Hobby Shop discord server(https://discord.gg/rt2DVwN) for communication. 
  • Decklist is required. Decklist should be submitted before the end of the registration period. Players who have not submitted their decklist will be automatically dropped from the event, meaning they will not be allowed to participate. Tutorial on how to submit your decklist and how to use MTGMelee can be found on this link: https://mtgmelee.com/Home/HowToPlay
  • Check-in is required before we start the first pairing. Players who have not checked-in will be automatically dropped from the event, meaning they will not be allowed to participate.
  • Once the pairing is posted, direct challenge your opponent. Make sure it is set to Tournament Match which is Best of 3. You may add your opponent as a friend in MTG Arena to make it easier to challenge them.
  • The timer for the round will start 5 minutes after the pairing has been posted. Players are required to start their game within 5 minutes after the pairing has been announced.
  • Players may communicate with their opponent on MTGMelee through Chat.
  • All participants are required to check-in at the start of their match to help settle discrepancies should one appear before challenging their opponent. If your opponent is not responding to your direct challenge, you may contact the admin after 10minutes has passed on the timer for the round. Do not contact the admin if 10minutes has not passed yet.
  • The winning player must input the results on MTGMelee and the losing player should confirm it. Players may contact the Admin for any discrepancy on the match scores.
  • If the timer in MTGMelee ran out, players still on a match must communicate with the Admins on the status of their game. Mention your name as seen on the tournament, the current Game, and the winner of the previous game on the current round if applicable. The match results will be decided upon verification of the status of the said match with the admin/s(1-1 draw, 1-0, etc). Intentional Draws are not allowed for this tournament.
  • Should there be any technical problem during the match, the result on the MTG Arena will be considered valid. Disconnection in MTG Arena may cause the player to lose a game or match.
  • Should a player observe that their opponent is using a different decklist than the one submitted, please take a screenshot and report the ticket to the Admin immediately for ruling.
  • Players may be required to share their screen with one of the admins for deck checking.
  • Respect the ability of their opponents and the judgement of match officials.
  • For any issues during the game, the competitive rules of Paper MTG will be applied.