FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG, Masskara Cup 2022


EVENT: FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022
DATE: 23-October-2022
ENTRY: Php 500.00
REGISTRATION ENDS: 21-October-2022, 12:00NN

LOCATION: Final Turn Hobby Shop, Bacolod City, Negros Occ, Philippines
BAN LIST: OCG October 2022 Ban List


2nd             : 12 PHHY BOOSTER PACKS
3rd - 4th     :  5 PHHY BOOSTER PACKS
5th - 8th     :  2 PHHY BOOSTER PACKS


Qualifer Schedules:
Qualifiers will be held at various partner stores at the start of the season. Please see below for the list of stores running the qualifiers with their schedules.

Qualifier Format:
Format of the Store Qualifiers will be OCG. 

Prizes for the Qualifiers:
Champion of the Stores Qualifers will receive a guaranteed one(1) seat to the FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022.


Can I join the event, even if I did not win the Qualifiers?
Yes! You can join the FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022 even if you have not won a qualifier. Just go through the normal registration process for the event.

Is there a  player cap for the FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022?
Yes! The Player Cap for FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022 is at 32 Players only. Players exceeding the 32 player cap registration will be put on the waiting list.

Is Decklist Required for FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022?
Yes! All Participants are required to submit the decklist, Deadline of submission 22-October-2022, 12:00NOON. Use ONLY the OFFICIAL KONAMI DECKLIST provided.

Will there be a side event during the FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022?
No. There is no side event.

What are the online payment options available?
Online payment options will be available via GCASH or BPI Bank Transfer. Please contact us for more details regarding the registration.

I have registered for an event but I am unable to participate. Can I transfer my registration to another player?
Due to this event having a player cap, registrations will not be transferable. If you are unable to participate, please apply to cancel the registration for a refund. The slot will then be freed up for registration after the refund is processed.

How do I apply to cancel my registration for a refund?
Please send us an email to finalturnhs@gmail.com.

What is the coverage of the refund?
Transaction fees charged by payment gateways will not be refunded. The refunded amount will be the amount paid minus any transaction fees. 

What is the duration of the refund processing?
The refund processing time will be up to 5 working days. Refunds will be processed via Gcash or BPI Bank Transfer Only. 

When is the latest day that I can apply to cancel my registration for a refund?
To avoid disruption to the events, applications for refunds will no longer be accepted from the tenth(10th) calendar day before the event. E.g. if an event is on 23-Oct-2022, the last day for refund applications will be on 10-Oct-2022.

If I am already qualified for the FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022, can I still play in another Qualifying Event?
No. Champions of a Qualifying Event are not allowed to participate in future qualifying events.

If I have already won a qualifier and for certain reasons I cannot attend the FTHS Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Masskara Cup 2022, will the invitation be passed down?
Yes the invitation can be passed down but only to the 2nd placer of the same qualifying event that was won by the concerned player. The concerned players together with the store representative have to inform Final Turn Hobby Shop of such changes at least one(1) week before the main event date. Failure to inform before the one(1) week deadline will mean forfeiture of the seat.

Can I play a Store Qualifier outside of my City or Region?
Yes! Qualifying Events are not city or region locked. Players may play at any qualifying event. 

Why if my favorite local game store (LGS) is not running any Qualifiers?
If you would like to have your favorite LGS run Qualifiers, please encourage them to contact us for the details on how to qualify and run such events.