Magic: the Gathering, Passport Program

Looking to grow the Magic: the Gathering Community?

COME and JOIN our Magic: the Gathering Passport Program!

Refer a friend and you both get rewards by completing the TASKS!!!

Task Desc Details Reward
Task 1 Learn to Play Learn the game by asking a staff member for a FREE Magic: the Gathering Game Demo. 2 FREE Magic Demo Decks
Task 2 Register Your DCI Number Get a DCI Number Card from a Staff Member then visit to complete the registration. Show us the confirmation email to GET A STAMP! 1 Deck Box
Task 3 Learn to Draft Have a Staff Member give you a How-To-Draft Demo. Then sign-up for a Friday Night Magic Booster Draft. 1 Pack(60ct) of Dragon Shield Sleeves.
Task 4 Draft Complete Three Booster Drafts. You MUST PLAY IN ALL ROUNDS to EARN A STAMP. You will also Get ONE EXTRA PRIZE BOOSTER Per Event Joined! Reward After 3 Stamps: 100ct Dragon Shield Sleeves.
Task 5 Play! Play! Play! NOW YOU'VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED TO BUILD A STANDARD DECK TO PLAY! COMPLETE THREE OR MORE EVENTS (Standard, Draft, or Sealed) FOR ANOTHER PRIZE! Reward After 3 Stamps: 1 Dragon Shield Playmat.
BONUS TASK Share the Love Magic is BEST WITH FRIENDS! Bring A NEW Friend to our store, GET THEM A PASSPORT, AND YOU'LL BOTH GET SOMETHING SUPER SPECIAL WHEN THEY COMPLETE STEPS 1-5 TOO! Reward for Referrer: One Premium Promo Pack.
Reward for Referred: One Pre Release Pass for the Next Expansion.


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