Yu-Gi-Oh Gen Arc, Double Team Tournament

EVENT: YuGiOh Generation Arc, Double Team Tournament
FEE: 400 per Team
DATE: 13-August-2022
RND 1 START: 11:00AM
CHAMPION: 2 Playmats + 20 DBTL Packs
2nd Place   : 1 Playmat + 3 DBLT Packs +7 POTE Packs
3rd Place    : 6 POTE Packs
4th Place    : 4 POTE Packs
5th to 8th    : 2 POTE Packs
  1. Only Original YuGiOh OCG cards are allowed in the tournament.
  2. July 2022 Ban List will be followed.
  3. Ban List is Team Limitted/ Shared. Members of the team can use only 3 of the same card, shared among the members decks.
  4. Each team shall be composed of 1 Ranked/Senior Player and 1 Junior Player.
  5. Senior Player can assist/coach the junior player during the entire duration of the tournament.
  6. Senior/Jr Players will be identified by corresponding YuGiOh Community Admins.
  7. Deck List is required to be submitted by 11-August-2022.
  8. Random Deck Check shall be done during the event.
  9. Event is Capped at 14 teams. Late Participants will be put in the wait list.
  10. For a 1 pt win on both teams after the time limit is over, the Junior player will be the one to play the deciding game. 10 minutes will be given for this game. The duelist with the highest LP will be declared the winner.
FAQ/ Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How to join the event?
Message us in our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FinalTurnHobbyShop or visit us at the store Final Turn Hobby Shop.
2. Are Proxies allowed in the tournament?
Proxies are not allowed. Please use only legit YuGiOh OCG.