Basil Hawkins - 500 Years In The Future (OP07)

Basil Hawkins - 500 Years In The Future (OP07)

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Product Details:

Card No: OP07-029
Rarity: SR
Color: Green
Card Type: Character
Cost: 6
Power: 7000
Counter: -
Attribute: Slash
Type: Supernovas/Hawkins Pirates
Card Set: -500 Years in the Future- [OP-07]

If your Leader has the {Supernovas} type, this Character gains [Blocker].
(After your opponent declares an attack, you may rest this card to make it the new target of the attack.)
[Once Per Turn] If this Character would be removed from the field by your opponent's effect, you may rest 1 of your opponent's Characters instead.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • If there are no active Characters on myopponent's field, can I still use this [OncePer Turn] effect to prevent this Character from being removed from the field?
    No, you cannot.