Black Maria (Parallel) -Two Legends- [OP-08]

Black Maria (Parallel) -Two Legends- [OP-08]

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Product Details:

Card No: OP08-074-PAR
Rarity: SR-PAR
Color: Purple
Card Type: Character
Cost: 3
Power: 2000
Counter: 2000
Attribute: Special
Type: Animal Kingdom Pirates
Card Set: -Two Legends- [OP-08]

[Activate: Main] [Once Per Turn] If you have no other [Black Maria] Characters, add up to 5 DON!! cards from your DON!! deck and rest them. Then, at the end of this turn, return DON!! cards from your field to your DON!! deck until you have the same number of DON!! cards on your field as your opponent.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • If I return DON!! cards from my field to my DON!! deck at the end of my turn based on this [Activate: Main] effect, can I use the "When a DON!! card on your field is returned to your DON!! deck," effect of another of my cards?
    Yes, you can.