Chessmarimo -Two Legends- [OP-08]

Chessmarimo -Two Legends- [OP-08]

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Product Details:

Card No: OP08-006
Rarity: UC
Color: Red
Card Type: Character
Cost: 5
Power: 6000
Counter: 1000
Attribute: Strike/Ranged
Type: Drum Kingdom
Card Set: -Two Legends- [OP-08]

[Your Turn] If you have [Kuromarimo] and [Chess] in your trash, this Character gains +2000 power.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • If I have another [Chessmarimo] card in my trash, does this Character gain +2000power?
    No, it does not. This Character gains+2000 power if you have at least one card with the name [Kuromarimo] and at least one card with the name [Chess] in your trash.