Did Someone Say...Kami? -Memorial Collection- [EB-01]

Did Someone Say...Kami? -Memorial Collection- [EB-01]

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Product Details:

Card No: EB01-060
Rarity: C
Color: Yellow
Card Type: Event
Cost: 4
Power: -
Counter: -
Attribute: -
Type: Sky Island
Card Set: -Memorial Collection- [EB-01]

[Main] Play up to 1 [Enel] with a cost of 7 or less from your hand or trash. Then, trash cards from the top of your Life cards until you have 1 Life card.

[Trigger] Draw 2 cards and trash 1 card from your hand.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • If I have 1 Life card or less, does this [Main] effect increase or decrease my number of Life cards?
    No, it does not change the number of Life cards you have.