Gum-Gum Champion Rifle -Memorial Collection- (EB-01)

Gum-Gum Champion Rifle -Memorial Collection- (EB-01)

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Product Details:

Card No: EB01-028
Rarity: R
Color: Blue
Card Type: Event
Cost: 1
Power: -
Counter: -
Attribute: -
Type: Impel Down/Straw Hat Crew
Card Set: -Memorial Collection- [EB-01]

[Counter] If your Leader has the {Impel Down} type, up to 1 of your Leader or Character cards gains +2000 power during this battle. Then, your opponent returns 1 of their active Characters to the owner's hand.

[Trigger] Return up to 1 Character with a cost of 3 or less to the bottom of the owner's deck.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • Which player chooses which Character to return to the owner's hand according to this [Counter] effect?
    The opponent of the player who activated this [Counter] effect chooses.
  • If my Leader does not have the {Impel Down} type, can I still use this [Counter] effect to have my opponent return 1 of their active Characters to the owner's hand?
    No, you cannot.