Inazuma (Parallel) -Memorial Collection- (EB-01)

Inazuma (Parallel) -Memorial Collection- (EB-01)

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Product Details:

Card No: EB01-022-PAR
Rarity: SR-PAR
Color: Blue
Card Type: Character
Cost: 6
Power: 7000
Counter: 1000
Attribute: Slash
Type: Impel Down/Revolutionary Army
Card Set: -Memorial Collection- [EB-01]

[End of Your Turn] If you have 2 or less cards in your hand, draw 2 cards.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • If my Leader is "OP02-049 Emporio.Ivankov" and I have no cards in my hand at the end of my turn, after drawing 2 cards according to that Leader's [End of Your Turn] effect, can I use this card's [End of Your Turn] effect to draw 2 more cards?
    Yes, you can.