Jack (Parallel) -Two Legends- [OP-08]

Jack (Parallel) -Two Legends- [OP-08]

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Product Details:

Card No: OP08-084-PAR
Rarity: SR-PAR
Color: Black
Card Type: Character
Cost: 7
Power: 8000
Counter: -
Attribute: Slash
Type: Animal Kingdom Pirates
Card Set: -Two Legends- [OP-08]

This Character gains +4 cost.
[Activate: Main] You may rest this Character: Draw 1 card and trash 1 card from your hand. Then, K.O. up to 1 of your opponent's Characters with a cost of 3 or less.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • Is the cost of this Character card 11 when it is in my hand?
    No, the cost of this card when in your hand is 7. The "This Character gains +4 cost." effect only applies when this Character is on your field.