LittleOars Jr. -Memorial Collection- (EB-01)

LittleOars Jr. -Memorial Collection- (EB-01)

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Product Details:

Card No: EB01-008
Rarity: R
Color: Red
Card Type: Character
Cost: 6
Power: 7000
Counter: 1000
Attribute: Strike
Type: Giant/Whitebeard Pirates Allies
Card Set: -Memorial Collection- [EB-01]

[Once Per Turn] If this Character would be K.O.'d by an effect, you may trash 1 Event or Stage card from your hand instead.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • Can this [Once Per Turn] effect prevent this Character from being K.O.'d by an effect even if I don't have an Event or Stage card in my hand?
    No, it cannot.