Sasaki -Two Legends- [OP-08]

Sasaki -Two Legends- [OP-08]

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Product Details:

Card No: OP08-082
Rarity: R
Color: Black
Card Type: Character
Cost: 1
Power: 1000
Counter: 2000
Attribute: Slash
Type: Animal Kingdom Pirates
Card Set: -Two Legends- [OP-08]

[Activate: Main] Rest 1 of your DON!! cards and you may rest this Character: Give up to 1 of your opponent's Characters −2 cost during this turn.

Card Questions/Ruling:

  • Is the "Rest 1 of your DON!! cards" part in this [Activate: Main] effect equivalent to the "➀ (You may rest the specified number of DON!! cards in your cost area.)" effect of other cards?
    Yes, both refer to activation costs that can be paid by resting one of the active DON!! cards in your cost area.