Final Turn Hobby Shop Launches MTG Arena Tournaments

Posted by Jonic Jamison on

Warm Greeting to all our readers and especially to our supportive fans!

First of all, we would like wish everyone to be safe and healthy during these difficult times.

We have received a lot of enquiries from different groups and our friends, on when Final Turn Hobby Shop will resume operations. General Community Quarantine has recently been implemented in our area, however we regret to inform you that at the moment, the physical store will remain closed, until further notice.

For orders on the products, it can be done through our website or through our social media channels(facebook page or discord). We will be processing your orders and will contact you when the products will be ready for shipment or pick-up.

We are here to support and grow the community and we are proud to announce that today, 18-May-2020, marks the launching of a series of test tournaments for MTG Arena hosted by Final Turn Hobby Shop! These events are invite only and will be capped to 8 players.

For communication, we will be using our discord server. For pairing, we will be alternately using Wizards Event Link and Big and exciting tournaments are on the way so be sure to create or update your accounts on these pairing platforms to be able to join our MTG ARENA Tournaments in the future.

After the test tournaments are over, we will start the official tournaments! So stay tuned!

Until then, stay safe.

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