Winners! First MTG Arena Open Tournament

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Curtains Open!” Four Color Adventures bested out all the other decks for the first MTG Arena Open Tournament this week!

This ALL Filipino tournament had guests coming from countries outside the Philippines such as Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. 13 players battled it out of the 5 rounds, Best of 3 Standard Format. Emerging victorious was CraigGarcesPH#49010 of TOP DECK PH piloting a Four Color Adventures deck!

Below are the deck list of the TOP THREE!

1st Place - CraigGarcesPH#49010 - Four-color AdventuresTOP DECK PH

2nd Place - pseudophobia#29249- Jeskai Lukka (Yorion) - FULCRUMESPORTS

3rd Place - bappo#90324 - Jeskai Lukka (Yorion)TOP DECK PH

*Full deck list of the participants for this tournament can be viewed by clicking here MTGMELEE

Shared Photos of our gamers:

Some may wonder how long did it take to finish the 5 rounds? Well, we started at 7:00PM GMT+8 and ended at around 10:35PM GMT+8. This is all thanks to the cooperation of the participants and the timely procedure of the tournament staff and organizer.

With the success of this Tournament, we are proud to announce that we will be hosting more events for our MTG Arena Gamers! Stay connected!

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