Friday Night Magic (FNM) - IKORIA 3

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Final Turn Hobby Shop FNM-IKO3,1st Winning ShotThe winning shot of “dum” with Winota having a total of 7 triggers.

We recently finished the 3rd Friday Night Magic tournament at Final Turn Hobby Shop. 

A total of 24 players showed up for this event. Previous champions of the 1st and 2nd tournament showed up to defend their titles and their pride. We also had new blood testing out their skills on the MTG Arena! 

With the recent banning and changes to the rules of having a companion enter the board, players tuned their decks to adapt to the new meta. 

It was a wonderful milestone for both us and the players. This time instead of snapshots of the event, we were able to record some of the feature matches for everyone to view. This was made possible with the help of the Final Turn Hobby Shop Crew and our esteemed players who participated in this tournament.

One of players that we would like recognize on this event goes by the MTG Arena name - “Mastikor”. Temur Reclamation was his deck of choice for this event.This gamer battled it out undefeated during the 5 rounds of Swiss claiming the first seat on the top seed. Strategically made his way through the quarterfinals and semifinals.

Facing off in the Final Round were “Mastikor” - Temur Reclamation VS “dum” Mardu Winota. These two gamers already met during the 5th round, with “Mastikor” going away with the WIN. These two competitors meet again in the Final round and “dum” has proven himself to be a real contender and was crowned, the champion of this event! 

Decklist: 1st - Mardu Winota by: “dum”
Final Turn Hobby Shop FNM-IKO3,1stMarduWinotaDecklist


FINAL STANDINGS! Congratulations to our Winners:

  • 1st – dum#65731 - Mardu Winota
  • 2nd – Mastikor#94211- Temur Reclamation
  • 3rd – Anchitokoumpo#63691 - Jund Aggro
  • 4th - PsyHunter#57040 - 4-Color Yorion

 You may see the selected feature matches for this event in our YouTube channel:

Final Turn Hobby Shop YouTube Channel

Full Details of the event can be found in our organization at 👉mtgmelee.


This is the last event out of a total of three! However, this is not the end for all our MTG Arena gamers! We are cooking up something big for everyone! So stay tuned to the Events schedule page of our website for more details of our upcoming events!

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